Over The Door Hanger Options

Over the door hanger is a kind of hanger which is hanged on the door, usually on the back of the door which can be used as our additional storage for our stuffs, whether they are pants, clothes, coats, bags, or even some slippers and shoes. This hanger is usually made of steel or metal.

Over the door hanger comes in various shapes. It has two hooks which are shaped like rods. We do not need any nails or other things to install it. We just have to hook the two rods of this hanger on the top of the door. We just have to make sure that there is enough space on the top of the door, so that the door can be closed and opened easily. We also have to ensure that the rods hanger is fit to the thickness of the door, so that it can fit hang on the door perfectly.

Over the door hanger can be used to hang anything. Some of the hangers come in simple shape and have some standard hooks to hang our clothes. Some others come in more sophisticated shape where we can hang some other hangers. We can hang those clothes hangers face to the front and side.
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