Window Treatment Ideas for Small Modern Living Room

Window treatment ideas are based on some measurements such as style, size, functions and others. When you are going to upgrade your window, there are some treatments which you can do to achieve the stylish, modern living room in your house. Here are some treatments which are available for small living rooms.

First, you always can go with bay windows. Window treatment ideas are actually helpful, especially for small living rooms when they use bay windows. Bay windows with the unique half circle shape will add spaces in your living rooms, moreover it will help you add the width and emphasize the places. It also lets some natural light from the outside come in easily to the rooms. Bay windows are also great to let you put some green plants and add the natural hues inside your small living rooms in fact it will make it looks fresher.

Second, treat the curtains. Curtain ideas are actually not limited even if you have small living rooms, because the bay windows will help you widen the impression in your living room. Window treatment ideas are better with better curtains, then for this you may put the less designed and patterns of curtains. You may also need to install it just from the middle to the end of the curtains. You also can add the full curtains but still with the simple curtain ones, like boney white curtain.

Third, window treatment ideas go to the blinds. Window treat ideas for living room is better with the vertical blinds which will make the windows are higher so it will help you to make your small living rooms wider and it will help you to create a more textural impression in your windows. Focus on simple and less patterned blinds to avoid too crowded look.
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